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Christopher and James Moffatt
Review of the Dalai Lama's book, The Universe in a Single Atom.

Dr K

Truth activist, investigator and Islamic Scholar

Kevin Annett
On his mission to the Vatican to address the Catholic
past abuse and genocide of Canadian natives

Dee Nicholson
Canadians for Health Freedom

Wayne Prante

Ottawa 9-11 Truther and CAP member filmmaker Tyronne D. Ottawa Truth Action

Guests: Dee Nicholson
Canadians for Health Freedom Advocate
on Bill C-6,  Enforced Inoculations and Chemtrails
Black Krishna-Bk
Toronto Street Activist, Musician, Candidate for Mayor of Toronto
and Doug Shapira, Owen Sound Free Press

Canadian Action Party -- Bioterrorism Policy
with Joel Lord, Wayne Prante and native Robin Shaw