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Christopher's opening: On waking up in an insane asylum with psychopaths trying to bring about what they call a 'new world order' but which is really an "old age psychiatric disorder."
Anthony J. Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Author of
Bush League Justice

Should George W. Bush be Arrested in Calgary
to be tried for International Crimes? 

New Cap Policies
On Biological Threats and Terrorism
Bill C-6, Aboriginal Issues

Calvin Keats, President of the Canadian Action Party

Ben Stewart from Talismanic Idols Productions
film producer of Kymatica

Kymatica The Film : Sequel To Esoteric Agenda  

by Ben and Daniel Stewart ...

First Hour: Dee Nicholson
Canadians for Health Freedom Advocate
on Bill C-6,  Enforced Inoculations and Chemtrails

Second Hour:  Melissa Brade
New Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Partys

Andrew J. Moulden, MD, PhD.
New Leader - Canadian Action Party

From the acceptance letter of Andrew Moulden:  "The Canadian Action Party is ... truly is the only Canadian ship at sea that is positioned to chart a course and rescue line to a Country that is sinking fast by multi-national forces that are luring us into treacherous waters by design and by deceit.