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Christopher Holmes hosts a biweekly online Internet Radio Broadcast through These shows include materials on origins and nature of human consciousness, the zero point hypotheses and zero point dynamics, the magical formula of 137 and its application in science and esoteric studies, the metaphysics of H. P. Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine, the psychopathology of humankind and the New World Psychiatric Disorder.  

James A Moffatt serves as a co-host and commentator. 

Canadian Action Party -- Bioterrorism Policy

with Joel Lord, Wayne Prante and native Robin Shaw

Andrew J. Moulden, MD, PhD.

New Leader - Canadian Action Party

Guests: Robin Shaw, Joel Lord, Wayne Prante and Dr. Rebecca Carley! In the second hour, we were joined by Joel Lord a Canadian truth activist seeking to bring court injunctions against enforced inoculations within Canada, as elsewhere.
Christopher and Jim explored the heart doctrine teaching and the view that human consciousness originates out of the heart, rather then the mind in the head, and that human beings actualy have `zero point`` centres within the higher dimensional physics of the human heart. 
In the second hour, we were joined by Wayne Prante from Canadian truth activist on the dangers of the elite`s bioterrorism programs and enforced inoculations.

Dr K

Truth activist, investigator and Islamic Scholar