Signs of Life, July 1, 2010

The Debut of Signs of Life with Bob and Phran Ginsberg on BBS Radio!

MEDIUMS - What are the attributes of a good medium? How does one select the right Medium?

I Dreamed I Was Human, July 4, 2015


Reincarnation – it’s one of the most talked about subjects in the realm of metaphysical-spirituality. many of us have seen ourselves, in other bodies, in other lifetimes.

Temple of Health Radio Show, November 1, 2014

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan Kolb interviewing special guest Alexis Brooks

The Donna Seebo Show, December 26, 2013

We will be discussing the way Lorraine works as a Transformational Therapist and why past lives are so valuable to people in understanding their lives.  She teaches classes around the world and you have a chance to hear some of her unusual stories.  Join us.

Life, Here and Hereafter, September 9, 2013

Marilou McIntyre — "Loving every minute of life and everyone around you continually reinforces life and helps achieve immortality.


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