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Join us for Piercing the Veil's First Ever special 2 hour broadcast covering a number of issues, current events, and efforts surrounding the NODAPL protests at Standing Rock. 

With Main Guests: Windsong and Daniel Katsuk, local DFW activists and performing artists.

Special Guests who Recently Returned from the Front Lines of Standing Rock:
Willow Woodland- Local DFW Artisan
Link- Local DFW Yogi/Artist/Activist
Rob Saww- Prominent Member of the Fierce Mohawk Nation and Local DFW resident.

During this Episode, Corey is off on other business and Jordan is running the show solo.

Expected Guest and "Spirit Drummer" Ryan Taylor Anderson had last minute connection issues and was unable to join as a guest for this week. However, Jordan retained the topic of "Tribal Roots" and gives a breakdown of Humanity's Tribal Roots, How Music is genetically tied into our memory banks, and how many Tribal "Societies" are largely centered around musical prowess and the creation of sound.

Another Great Episode! The beginning portion of this episode is spent on current events and major news of late 2016.

Later in the show, Jordan and Corey discuss the different "ascending" stages of eating. From Meat & Dairy to Vegetarian, to Vegan, To Raw, to Frutarian, to Selective Frutarian, to Breatharianism (air only).

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Our Returning Guest and World Reknowned Pyschic Mike Kurban Returns as "Confucious" to give our callers concise and accurate readings.

Listen as Mike Breaks down new information about his "School Of Metaphysics" and astounds callers with his tailored insights.

Excellent Show! Thanks Mike.

On this episode, Jordan and Corey Discuss the ego vs. sacred self in between Listener Calls.

Use of the ego as a tool and not an enemy. Rebalancing with the sacred self to form a unity of opposites.


On this episode Jordan and Corey briefly discuss current events and political potentialities before getting into the show topics: "Conscious Conception", Negotiations with Souls, and Homebirth vs. Hospital Birth.


A Unique Solo BroadCast with Host Jordan-Michael.

Pre-recorded on Indian Lands During the Worlds Largest Coordinated Meditation for World Peace and Prosperity.

Short Impromptu Guided Meditation, Discussion about consciousness, Self Observation, and the Many Forms of Meditation.

On this episode, Special Guest Mike Kurban delves into his experiences as a Psychic, making a career of it, etc.

Mike is a public figure, famous psychic to celebrities, and has founded a metaphysical school of psychic arts.

Join us on this show for brief Discussion on the do's and don'ts for aspiring readers, psychics, and more.

Thanks Mike!

Piercing The Veil with Jordan Michael Askew.

Corey is in Italy. No guest this week.

Jordan Talks Trusts, Protective Structures, Gates, Notices, etc.

Good Show!