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Jordan and Corey recap current events, major weather war action, and feature a special emergency broadcast report from Kevin Annett (exposer of vatican, queen, and canada genocidal activities).

Later in the show, we speak about the Harvey/Irma Geoengineering. Special cameo from past guest Johnny Delirious who connects a few dots for us.

Pierce the Veil, and the Truth will Reveal itself.

This is quite possibly one of the most important episodes we have ever done.

There are so many "gurus" and "patriot teachers" sending people to jail with their false promises and incorrect paperwork processes.

Jonah Bey dosen't play that shit. He is a master of finding and utilizing the remedies already contained within US GOV codes and Statutes to obtain total freedom from Statist Authority and Control over his Life and Estate.

Everyone is born with the Keys To The Kingdom, they must only reclaim the power that is their birthright.

In This Continuation of the "Let's Build A Community" Series, Jordan & Corey Dive Deep Into the Many Layers of Community Governance, and discuss ways to automate, de-personalize, and remove conflicts before they start.

During this episode, Jordan Reveals a Rare Known Technique for managing community personnell, inspired by a close friend and guest Jai Lynn Sovereign.


Special Episode with Jordan Michael Solo. Corey Is Away On Business.

Instant Topics for this Episode are, (i) Description and Nature of a 'Saturn return,' (ii) what is a midlife crises?; and (iii) how to harvest energy from the past (ie: memories)

While Jordan is away on business, Co-Host Corey Stevens, and, Guest Host Amy discuss anything and everything that comes to mind. The First Ever Piercing the Veil "Ramble".

Many good updates on current events, and important topics in this episode.

Deep thought, and profound points are made, despite the aloof format of the episode.


Pierce The Veil, And The Truth Will Reveal Itself!

Jordan Hosts this Episode Solo. Corey is away on business.

Special Guest David ("Davi") Wright, drops some Buddhist enlightenment, and briefly discusses his time at Haight/Ashbury in San Fran, during the Swinging Sixties.

A lively conversation about the DIVINE FEMININE ensues.

Enjoy this one.

Pierce That Veil...

Welcome To Session 4 Of "LET'S BUILD A COMMUNITY"

* A few minutes of this episode are spent on discussing current events.

* Jordan & Corey Get into the Details of Productivity, and the Types of Workshops that would be held at the "Community".

Good info Here, and the next episode is coming Soon!




A show all about Karma!  What is it? How does it work? Is it all bad?

What is this "good karma" shit i've been hearing about lately?

We answer these questions and more. Jordan discusses the origins, real time processing, and the releasing of Karma.  A caller and future guest makes a special appearance. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about karma wrapped up in a nice neat 60 minute show.


Welcome Back to Let's Build A Community Part 3 of an ongoing series.

Two Special Guests today:
Apollo Wilson- Permaculture Minister/Eco-Village Ambassador
Ross Deotte- Local Farmer, Philosopher, and Philantropist.

An excellent discussion ensues, we speak on compensation, smart contracts, rules and regulations of a small intentional community, and our guests give a unique insight into what life is like in an intentional community or eco-village generally.

This Episode picks up where Jordan and Corey Left off from Session One of "Let's Build A Community". This is a multi part series where Jordan memorializes his plans to build a fully independent and self sustaining community growing it's own food and producing it's own power.

First part of this show gets into some current events, then discussion is had about community governance, risk/reward systems, stipends, qualifications and logistics, and more.

Stay tuned for more great shows every week!


Jordan & Corey