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Jordan Hosts this Listener Call In Episode Solo while Corey is away on business.
Episode starts with a brief jaunt through various topics and concerns, filling the time gaps until the first caller arrives, Amy Calls with a question about Spirit Guides. Call in Appearances from Past Guests Frank Bacon and Daryl Sprout. Jordan Rants on a Soapbox later in the show, good stuff. 


A wonderful episode dedicated to Information Warriors, Investigative Journalists, Independent News Analysts, and the like.

This show starts off with Jordan and Corey having a discussion about what "true freedom" really is. How does it show up? How do you enforce it? What are rights vs. privileges?

Later in the show, A lively conversation ensues regarding the importance of Information Awareness and the Freedom to Disseminate Truth without Interference.


ROLE REVERSAL- Corey will host and conduct the show in this episode while Jordan Co-Host. Topic Selected? The nature of the universe.

Discussion ensues. And what is the ultimate answer to the meaning of life and the universe? Turn's out the answer really is 42...

Just Kidding. However, you'll be suprised to hear what we come up with. A fantastic micro to macro analysis. Corey did an excellent job steering the show.

All in all, another great episode of Piercing The Veil.

Have A Great Day!

The new year of 2017 is full of opportunities. Expect massive disclosure soon. 

Jordan and Corey break down current events and infuse a little Philosophy into the whole situation.  Later in the show, Jordan and Corey address the power and nature of engineered social dynamics, division, and the current issues arising therefrom.

Hope you enjoy.

Jordan & Corey, PTV.

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PTV's First Ever Musical Jam Session.laugh

Special musical guests: Shellie Smith, Riley Echard, Emmet, Francesco, and Jordan each play unique five minute sets.

Jordan plays a quick improv set on the Drums, Shellie does a tibetan singing bowl ceremony, Riley plays a quick set on the piano, Emet drops a song from his new album, and Frankie shows us what finger picking is all about.

Special Collaboration Episode!  

Jordan invites two returning guests to discuss their various research, projects, and methods for achieving personal independence and sever the currency cord of federal reserve notes.  Johnny goes into details about mineral balance, proper health and maintenance, Frank discusses bitcoin, steemit, independent research and more. 

All around Great Show! 

This is a special listener appreciation episode where Jordan Hosts the Show Solo and takes Guest Callers questions. 

Very productive, lots of good topics discussed like chi gong, plant communications/interactions, eco-village ambassadorship, didjeridoo circular breathing, criminal court cases (no legal advice, just personal suggestions) and more.

Jordan and Corey go back to their roots. The show started in January 2016 and this year we want to really focus on re-teaching basic contracting, questioning authority and other vital skills to remain independently successful in today's world.

Later in the episode Jordan & Corey Play the question game, its easier with more people and becomes quite fun. The point of this "game" or exercise is to train a natural questioning response to a question rather than uncontrollable "testimony" or "answering to authority".


First Show of 2017. Special Guest Cliff Hill, Author, Researcher, Advisor to High Level Government Officials.

Jordan & Special Guest Cliff Hill kick off the first show of the new year. Corey is away on business and will return next week.

Jordan & special guest Cliff discuss various topics including Cliff's new book and his struggles with being blacklisted, harrased, and stalked by intelligence agencies. They converse about Cliff's adventures, or misadventures rather, in family court.

Jordan Closes with a improv didjeridoo track.

Piercing The Veil Kicks off this week with an exciting returning Guest Johnny Delirious!

Jordan, Johnny, & Corey recap and discuss Johnny's Alien/Military Abduction Experience. During this episode johnny breaks down the information he learned during this experience, including hacked info on how to cure disease by rebalancing the mineralization of the human body.

Jordan discusses a recent mineral analysis that Johnny Had him take. The results are suprising and dangerous.