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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests Jo Sparks and Veila Hernandez

Part 1

The Ascension and Our Bright, Beautiful Future

Part 2

Jo Sparks of Jo’s Starseeds in Australia on Food shortages in Australia and in the U.S.

Part 3

Veila Hernandez, Pet Psychic

Part 4

WHO and Bill Gates trying to take over the world; Biden as the Fake President

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Guest, Shelley Hofberg, Pet Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, spiritualist and an instrument for spirit to speak through

Psychic Medium Shelley Hofberg has been a Clairvoyant for 30 years. Her decades of experience and keen insight give her a high level of accuracy. Shelley is highly intuitive and reads the psychic energy around you to hone in on your relationship and career issues.

As a Tarot Reader Shelley; will not ask for the details about your life but primarily rely on her gift of a clairvoyant to receive the answers you need to know.

SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth"
Host, April and Ajay Matta

Ep. #329 Walking Between Both Worlds with
Featured Guest, Billie Jean
Spiritual Communicator, Mentor & Author of Quiet Whispers

Dr Lana and Detective David Love speak with spiritual counselor Jacqueline Boyd about pet health and animal communication.

Psychic medium Animal Communicator Jacqui LeBeau joins host and clairvoyant Francine Milano to discuss the work Jacqui's offers to clients and their pets. She takes calls on the air and offers tips about how animals connect with us and how we can help tune into to what they're telling us.