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KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

Episode #11

Topic: Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – The Gatekeepers and How to Beat the Bots!

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

Episode #7

Topic:  The Sunday Blues

Today here on the show we talk about ‘How you feel on Sundays?’ and I think this question is extremely important, how we feel the Sunday before we start our week or how we feel the night before. How are you feeling that night before you actually have to go back to work after you’ve had a couple of days off?

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

Episode #6      

Topic: Authenticity – Learning to be completely Authentic

Every woman and every situation is different, if you don’t stay authentic and try to fit in and please others, keeping up the façade will be the cost to you.

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

Episode #5

Topic:  Interview Tips & Tricks!

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

 Episode #4  

Topic: Resumes – The 4 Main Resume Types & 6 Tips to Update Your Own!