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Tonight's session began with a guided meditation revoloving aroung the requalification of the chakras. After the meditation Shusara took some time to explain the difference between an unqualified and a qualified chakra and then provided everyone with each chakra's ray, color, Archangel and Ascended Master. PielleAyan asked a question concerning people's current level of frustration and Shusara responded from multiple vantage points. Shusara shared some of her personal story as a means to demonstrate the importance of the bond between guide and student.

In this more conversational session, PielleAyan & Shusara discuss the following topics: the incoming energies of destruction which are assisting in the dissolution of the inner and outer worlds, what imagination really is, how we "tune in" to the collectively held energy matrices, and a lesson in not taking life... your spiritual path... too seriously. 

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #13

Wild Oats: life purpose. 3 levels of healing (additional info to 3/30/2014 radio show). SAF organs for Parasitic infestation - Stomach and Adrenals. Forgiveness and emotional processing. Pine: for parasitic infestation, guilt, self-criticism, self-condemnation. low self-esteem and self-respect. too humble, too apologetic. Inadequate. Not good enough. Feel filthy inside. Guilt. Inferiority complex. Self-punishment.

Topics covered in tonight's session inlude: the timing and perfection of the increase in energetic dissolution on the planet, a timely quote by Rumi, the dissolution of the inner and the outer worlds, how Spirit will bring the lesson to you in the physical if you don't look within when prompted, the story of the Garden of Eden, the understanding that you are an extension of God not a spark of God, human love is predicated on behavior, and the time is now to begin your spiritual work in earnest.

Satsang with The Shambhala Center We begin this session addressing the question of how one can be in the space of love and still take what looks like personal action when needed. Shusara speaks at length about the times we are collectively moving through and the importance of doing deep inner work at this time of restructuring. We finish the session explaining the process we use at The Shambhala Center to uncover what constitutes patterned consciousness, which is called Processing. 

Tonight's session is all about forgiveness. Beginning with the story about the Prodigal Son, Shusara speaks about the various levels of forgiveness and how they apply to your inner work.This show will be a mind bender for many which is ncessary in the beginning stages of dissolution work, as it allows for mind to begin to ease into deeper understandings.
The song for meditation at the end of the program is "Remember" by Omkara.

The Super Power of Forgiveness with Perto Herrera

Felicia Johnson, Author "HER" the book...Message to the parents of victims...Message to the abusers...

The Super Power of Forgiveness with Perto Herrera

THE CONVERSATION FROM A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE with LeVannah Forrest. Guest Victor Marshall!

The debut show of THE SUPER POWER OF FORGIVENESS with Perto Herrera!

Author, Speaker, Radio host, Humanitarian, Human Rights Activist, Sexual Abuse Survivor.

…After miraculously surviving the most horrid imaginable - unenviable sexual abuse as a boy…