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Tonight's session began with an explanation of how the energy of identification wraps around the heart and constricts it. Shusara encourages everyone to explore this energy in their bodies and look for how subtle it can be. PielleAyan posed a question about who we are as Awareness itself which led into a discussion about the personal self, the objective observer and what witnesses both. The Tim shared his experience with seeing how lessons get brought to you in the outside world when you don't address them from within.

Tonight's session revolved around attachment and how all attachments need to be released on the spiritual path. PielleAyan shared a personal story of how she had been locked in her concept of service and belief in her level of readiness to step up her service. It took having things "taken away" from her in her world for her to begin to see what was really at play. Shusara also spoke about how people get addicted to feeling good and their attachments to those things keep them stuck and can be difficult to see because the mind hides them. Resistance can be easier to see.

Tonight's session centered around concepts: how this polarized reality manifested out of one, how the personal self was born with in one and how the Eternal exists outside any form of one. You'll want to listen to this session multiple times, as it is multi layered in the understandings it brings forward. 

Tonight's session centered around a reminder of some of the SCSA teachings and an explanation by Shusara of how to walk those teachings out into the world. Also one of our listeners called in to ask a question about how energy becomes disqulaified and its relation to the chakras. Shusara encouraged everyone to take the teachings that she gives on air and begin applying them in their lives. It's all about the application.

"The Path Less Traveled"

Like Robert Frost's poem, the spiritual seeker must determine the path they will go follow. An important question to contemplate is why you are doing the spiritual work you have chosen. What do you desire to gain from it? Are you willing to commit to the work involved in your chosen path? The path of dissolution work is certainly the one less traveled but as in the poem, it makes "all the difference." Listen closely to this session as Shusara discusses deep and mind bending truths about who you are and the reality you experience.

Tonight's session began with Shusara speaking briefly about the Rays of Light and the impact it has on humanity when you balance the Chakras and eminate pure, divine Light. Then TIm posed a question concerning expressing anger and fears around the expression being "bad." This led into a conversation about the mind's projected fears which keep it from looking deeper and confronting it's pain. Shusara showed how our fears are unfounded and illustrated this with examples.Tim shared more about his own recent experiences related to this topic.

The topic for tonight's session was wisdom and knowledge. Shusara addressed the difference between the two and spoke about how our life experiences are brought to us as a means to help us move into greater wisdom. She also made a point of cautioning us not to view challenges in life as "negative" experiences, as each one of them is a gift and an opportunity for our advancement. As seekers it is imperative that we "get real" with ourselves and how we deal with these situations in our lives. We are here to shed the filters over our perception and begin to see the world as it really is.

2015 will be a year of transformation and greater challenges for everyone. Shusara encourages everyone to consciously and willingly do their inner work now so that they won't have to live their work out in the physical. Any repressed or denied anger, guilt, shame, pain, etc, must be addressed at this time, or you wont be able to move forward in your work. It's time to walk through all the deep negative states of mind from within your personal story. You will come out the other side with greater experiential understandings and deeper wisdom.

Shusara takes a look at the year ahead during tonight's session. 2015 will be a year of big shifting for the individual and the collective. Shusara's overriding message tonight revolved around how things could play out and what you can do in your own life to lessen or neutralize any difficult experiences. 

Shusara opens this session with a discussion about how the physical body needs to adjust to the ascension energies. Then she spends time talking about things we are experiencing as this "reality" is dissolving. Referring to a recent Facebook posting, Shusara addresses resistance and how it functions as an indicator of truth that you have denied or repressed. Then she uses this to illustrate how the inner and outer worlds are the same and why we experience what we do in the manifested world.