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The Kathy Lee Parker Show with Kathy Lee Parker

Guest, Christopher Jackson, financial advisor

Christopher Jackson, he began working in the financial industry in 2015 and has grown in his knowledge and passion for the profession ever since.

When would I like to retire?
What does my dream retirement look like?
Do I plan to work in retirement?
How will I pay for my kids’ college education?
Who will be my beneficiaries?
and so much more...

Today we’re talking about what we can do to start breaking money silence.


In our culture, there seems to be a stigma surrounding open conversations about money and financial matters. We all could benefit from adjusting our mindset about money, but first, we have to actually be willing to talk about it.

Today we’re talking about the long and short of relationships. We discuss helping children through the effects of a divorce, and the impact that relationships can have on financial literacy.


Today we’re talking about wealth. Does it come from luck? Are people just born into it? Or, is wealth more about knowledge, planning, and taking the right actions in life?


Today we discuss avoiding desperation and unhappy moments in life and in retirement. We talk about the suicides of famous clothing designer, Kate Spade, and chef and TV personality, Anthony Bourdain. We also address the significant portion of the population that feels desperate about their financial circumstances – especially when it comes to inadequate planning for retirement.


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