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Meditation Crime Buster of the Future was the focus of this show and its effect on global consciousness and its antithesis 'Loosh' energy.  It also touched upon some Earth History, further explanation of Reality Creation and insight into the proposed Extraterrestrial Contact Act and some of its major ideas regarding protocol. 

This episode featured informatin about Monotomics. It also connected us with our Paa Taal DNA with detailed explanations of the technique of Positive Spin. 

The primary focus was on your biological computer and third eye but spills over into Montauk, Roswell, the Philadelphia experiment, time travel, alternative timelines and lots of ET contact.

This Episode went into detail about ET Yoga with a focus on practicality. Also included some info from Ram Dass, Yogananda, Satchidanada and Ramana Maharshi. 

This show focused on all the aspects of FEAR. In the beginning several questions were answered regarding natural sources of monatomics and a product. An outline of the life of St. Germain was also included. 

This episode included information about the California crop circle and families uniting with hybrid children as a prelude to the main theme of the Pleiadian Equal Value System, Ubuntu, Gold and its properties, Monatomic Elements and Alchemy. 

This episode enhances the main idea of how ET information expands Yogic knowledge. It includes some Earth History, updated news of First Contact, high points of Seth material, Bashar's Big 4, how to change a belief, and includes Pleiadian 'Spinning Technique' along with the 'XYZ' meditation. 

This episode centered around the idea of how Extra-terrestrial information enhances the Yoga teachings with a focus on our ET heritage.

The theme of this show was 'Searching for Miracles' and presenting the concept of 'Total Immunity from Disease'. Also included details concerning the full understanding of disease. 

This ET Yoga show was about the human condition on Planet Earth from the perspective of a spiritual seeker navigating their way through Universal Laws and circumstances with a focus on specific techniques leading to a more Self-empowered existence. It also features at the 45 minute makr the Extra-terrestrial Meditation.