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Information connecting Integral Yoga as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda to Extraterrestrial information and includes a 10 minute 'Hari Om' chant by the Swami.

The name of the first Extraterrestrial civilization to make contact with Earth, the Shaleniah.  The show features spiritual techniques and an Extraterrestrial meditation.

The first known public link with how Self Empowerment cross connects to Healing-All the way up to total immunity from disease.

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Epidsode was all about Real Magic, methods, attitudes and techniques featuring information from Marilyn and Merlin the Magician from Creating Camelot Club. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green

This Episode was all about techniques. It ranged from the Hari Om Meditation to the Who Am I technique to the Pleiadian Pillar of Light and Spinning to the Merkaba Meditation and ends with the XYZ Extra-terrestria Mediation.  

ET Yoga with Charles Green
 This Epidosde covered the topic of Reality Creation including the concept of a Virtual Reality inside of a Virtual Reality.

ET Yoga with Charles Green
 This Episode featured amazing discoveries in Quantum Physics related to our bodies phasing in and out of existence, a live activation of our blueprint for 'Perfect Health and Well Being' and strategies for 'Healing the Known and Unknown'.

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode contained specifics on the mechanics of 'Positive Spin', a channeling from Arch Angel Micahael concerning our arrival in the 5th Dimension, Bashar information about following your excitement, lots of new Physics info and some new versions of life in the 5th Dimension. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Epidode was all about Water and Earth. More specificlly about Dolphins/Whales and the Pyramid finds in Crimea.. Also, a listing of the amazaing products available at

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Epidode featured 'Debunking Hawking-No God Behind the Big Bang' and provides detailed suggestions relating to how taking 100% responsibility for your outer experience not only empowers you to make changes in the reflection; but also frees you from the past.