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Loss is a part of the human condition, and grief can occur around any kind of loss, not just the loss of a loved one. So, why do we have so much difficulty accepting death, even when we know it’s expected from an existing illness, even though we know everyone dies. Why are so many stuck in grief?

Lyn Prashant, PhD is CEO and Founder of Integrative Grief Therapy. In the Art of Degriefing Part 2, Dr. Prashant and I discuss non-death losses and approaches to transform your grief and get unstuck. Again, according to Dr. Prashant, "Love is not the reason we grieve... IT'S ATTACHMENT."

Lets Talk Healing with Ataana Badilli and guests Sabr H. and Anna McDonald and Carole Maier

Topic: Death and Turnstiles

It's never too late for transformation. Life literally is eternal.
Birth meet death, death meet birth

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We as a country celebrate our fallen heroes. What is a hero? Would we need these heroes if not for the Military Industrial Complex? Do we continue to encourage our children to enlist?

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb interviewing Amit Goswami

Topic: The Everything Answer Book: How Quantum Science Explains Love, Death and the Meaning for Life

The Impossible Truth with Orly Benny Davis

Det David and Dr Lana Love speak with Dianne Gray Board President the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation. 


The Allow Love Show

Kali, Goddess of Death and Rebirth, join us tonight.

The Metaphysical Hour with Dolores Cannon

Recent Events including flood of office, Verna Yater's death and Spirit information

Alexandra Meadors and Scott Wolter review forensic evidence to connect the dots between Christ bloodline, the Knights Templar, the pirates of the high seas and ancient Egyptian history. You do not want to miss this interview because he ends up dropping a knowledge bomb regarding the true connections to Christ's bloodline!

Alexandra Meadors and Dannion Brinkley discuss his Near Death experiences and how this has fired him up to heal one of the most important issues that every one of us must face; how we pass from this reality to another when it is our time.