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Shadow Politics, December 8, 2019

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown and Maria Sanchez

Discussing climate change, Trump impeachment and DC Statehood

Shadow Politics, March 24, 2019

New energy around 'DC Statehood' coming from our neighbors across  the District line!

Shadow Politics, February 10, 2019

Just recently, the UDC launched the Institute for Politics Policy and History and our guest, Former Mayor Sharon Pratt, will serve as the Founding Director and an Advisory Committee Member of the Institute for Politics Policy and History. It's MISSION is rediscovering District of Columbia history – and its consequential role in determining contemporary politics and policy.

Universal Soul Love, April 27, 2018

Universal Soul Love with David Love and Dr. Lana Love

Senator Michael D. Brown, a Shadow Senator from the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. is our returning guest this week!  As a 'Shadow Senator', Brown receives no pay from the government, receives no budget from the government, and cannot vote on matters before the Senate.

Shadow Politics, March 18, 2018

Our guest this week is Sharon Pratt, Former Mayor of the District of Columbia from 1991 to 1995 and Founder of Pratt Consulting LLC.

Shadow Politics, September 10, 2017

Our guest is Hector Rodriguez, president and founder of the National Latino Alliance for DC Statehood. He was born in Puerto Rico and arrived in Washington DC in 1968 after serving with the US Army in Vietnam. During the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, he developed initiatives from the White House to reverse poverty and increase Latino participation in federal programs.

Shadow Politics, July 23, 2017

As Founder/Director of  Stand-Ups for DC, our guest Greg Maye works to bring as much attention as possible to the plight of DC citizens by enlisting comics (and everyone else who’s willing) to spread the word.  The fact is that 670k DC residents have been denied voting rights and the right to have representation in Congress for so long, that today there is practically

Shadow Politics, March 5, 2017

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

Our topics this week include the President's first speech to Congress, the economy and the new bill for D.C. Statehood called the  'Washington, DC Admission Act' introduced by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to make Washington, DC the 51st state.  The bill is co-sponsored by all 116 Democrats.

Shadow Politics, October 23, 2016

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

Our special guest for the first half hour is Frank Smith, Jr. who is a civil rights activist, politician in Washington, D.C. and is an advocate for DC Statehood.  At the completion of this interview join us as we discuss this past week's world & national news . . . especially the new developments in the Presidential race!  


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