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Tonight we  focus on the art of friendship as a true gift that awakens us spiritually.  Author and Intuitive, Carol Olivia Adams discusses her new book 'The Awakening of Friendship' (available on Amazon). This book calls all of us to examine and re-evaluate our own friendships and honor their healing role in the universal tapestry of life.  Carol's writing inspires us to examine and re-engage in relationship with one another as we recognize the importance of the 9 awakenings Carol illuminates in her book such as the wisdom of patience and the presence of listening.

Zen Gardner shared his thoughts on the "state of the world" today, and discussed his new book, "YOU Are the Awakening". 

Duane Heppner returns, with Val and Chris to share updates on the All Solar Research Vessel, and to bring us up to date on the Real News.

Veronica Entwistle, host of Paradigm Shifters, will be interviewed by Amber Englemann about the release of her NEW book 'My Near Life Experience: How Do I Know When I Am Really Me?' that is currently available on Amazon. Amber Englemann is a producer and director known for Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment (2009), Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet (2014) and The Devil's Ride (2012).

Victoria Cotton shares her awakening process from Barcelona, in this informal dialogue that has some "unexpected moments".

Paradigm Shifters interview with Daniel B Holeman of AwakenVisions

Phillip Collins Channels ArchAngel Uriel on Living more fully in the New Year.

How do you see yourself?

How do you see Mother Earth?

How do you create?

ArchAngel Uriel will share five principals of change!  


Sri and Kira Live with sri ram kaa and kira raa

With the accessibility of social media, YouTube, email and fast communications it seems that all one need to do is input a search term and an expert appears. Yet, who is the real expert in your life and how do you connect with your own Conscious Awakening?

Are more and more people aware of this moment or are they simply content within a status quo even if it is uncomfortable?
This is a powerful question and one that Sri & Kira will dive into with special guest Miriam Knight.

Pharmaceutical companies search endlessly for new medications to sell in the marketplace.  Most of these remedies are created to suppress symptoms. Consumers have allowed themselves to be locked into this failing system of drug treatment according to Fran

Helping others to heal themselves and grow is her lifelong commitment.  Francesca’s approach to health encompasses all levels of being - the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. She believes the process of getting healthy begins at the spirit level and filters down to the denser physical level.

Join me as I share some tools and ideas on expanding your awakening and do a group clearing.