Alternative Healing

Energy Medicine Radio, August 19, 2014

Energy Medicine Radio with Dr Wu Dhi Debut Episode on BBS Radio

Affirmations For Living, July 30, 2014

Get Out of Pain Now Transformational! with Gregory Joseph

Together we'll take a journey designed to foster permanent hope leading to an indomitable spirit that is productive and powerful. ...

Sound For A Better Life, February 12, 2014

Sound and music can be used for healing in addition to other things. Special frequencies, rhythms and harmonics can expand our consciousness. This is the information of the ancients and  combined with modern scientific findings  presents innovative methods to achieve restored health and vitality, emotional strength, intelligence, and higher consciousness.


Remote Scalar Energy Healing, January 8, 2014

" Remote Scalar Energy Healing" Tom Paladino will present the pathogen cleanse - how his scalar instrument can disassemble pathogens like herpes, hepatitis C, Candida, Lyme disease and over 7,000 pathogens that can make us chronically ill. In addition to the pathogen cleanse, Tom offers the Nutrient Therapy. His scalar instrument can deliver over

SOUND HEALING METHODS, September 14, 2012

My guest on Shaman's Keep will be Steven Ash, author of "Sacred Drumming". He was born in Britain, but grew up on Native American reservations in Canada where his father was the reservation doctor. Steven learned healing and natural medicine with his father, and later lived and studied with Ted Williams, Chief and Medicine Man for the Raven Tribe.


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