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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Signs and Seasons with Dr Minister Gabree Amlak and Sylmarah Baruti

The Primary objectives of this broadcast are: To ELIMINATE the fearful and superstitious attitudes that many peple have towards Astrology and related "Metaphysical" teachings by providing information on the constructive uses of these ancient sciences. And to demonstrate the practical value of Astrology and Numerology by giving on air callers FREE mini readings of their personal Astro-numerica energy profiles.

Signs and Seasons is broken down into two parts:

PART 1: is dedicated to disseminating information on the topic of the month.

PART 2: is devoted to informing callers on the significance of the cycles and circumstances in their life experiences.

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Signs_and_Seasons, July 9, 2012 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Signs_and_Seasons, July 2, 2012 Courtesy of BBS Radio
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Signs_and_Seasons, April 9, 2012 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Signs_and_Seasons, April 2, 2012 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Signs_and_Seasons, March 26, 2012 Courtesy of BBS Radio

Dr Minister Gabree Amlak

Doctor Minister Gabree Amlak
Doctor of Metaphysics, Minister, Human Resource Specialist, Astrological Consultant, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Vegan Cook, Teacher, Vocation Counselor, Psychiatric Social Worker, Holistic Substance Abuse Consultant, Talk Show Host

In the temples of Egypt and other ancient cultures devout Priest and Priestess used the sacred science of Astrology to analyze the energy fields of young people to determine innate talents and vocational tendencies. At the completion of a lengthy astrological evaluation the vocation or “life calling” that would provide an adequate channel for the cultivation and expression of an individual’s energies was identified and a complimentary educational curriculum was designed.

The Three Wise Men, referred to in earlier biblical writings as “ Three Astrologers”, employed their knowledge of astrological phenomena in a similar fashion when they found and identified the Christ child.

Education in it’s technical sense is a system of techniques and methods designed to assist conscientious students in their attempts to discover, cultivate and “lead out” innate talents and abilities.

In the educational institutions of antiquity the initial phase of the educational process was focused upon identifying the student’s innate potentials. The test educators had to pass prior to being certified as teachers was to demonstrate an ability to help students discover and integrate their creative resources into a mode of expression that contributed to personal evolution and social development. An in-depth understanding of human personality, acquired through a knowledge of Astrology and related meta-physical sciences, provided the information teachers needed to achieve their objectives. A deep respect for the intimate relationship that exists between education and religion inspired our ancestors to incorporate academic and religious teachings.

Through individualized educational techniques and religious instructions, a child’s spiritual essence was “led out” and “bound back” to the source of life which is in fact the technical definition of education and religion, and the essential purpose of the activities these words describe. Education as viewed and practiced in modern times is in many ways a system that defeats the purposes it is supposed to be striving to achieve.

Instead of “leading out” innate potentials and abilities, the euro-centric approach to education frustrates the expression of individualized creative ability by saturating the brain with academic baggage before defining the temperament and needs of the individual.

As sophisticated as today’s aptitude tests are there is still a lot to be desired. How do you identify a talent whose presence is so subtle it defies your analysis? Without a viable means of interpreting the complex patterns in the human energy field it’s a trial and error situation.

The metaphysical systems: astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. that were designed to assist us in identifying and liberating an individuals unique mental and spiritual resources are usually viewed as superstitious parlor games.

The fearful and negative attitudes that most people have towards astrology and related metaphysical teachings are in most instances inherited from some person who obviously did not understand these sacred sciences themselves.

Placing taboos on what we do not understand has been an obstacle to human progress since the dawn of creation. Perhaps it is time for us to turn within for more courage and venture out to see for ourselves.

As more people begin to use Astrology and other metaphysical systems for academic and vocational counseling the high incidence of misplaced, unfulfilled students and employees will make a drastic change for the better. Definitions of education and success will take on new meanings. We will come to realize that a man whose innate abilities equip him to be a cook, who has no formal education, but has discovered and led out his creative resources is more educated than a man with a masters degree in a field that doesn’t fulfill him or reflect his essential qualities and attributes. Success will be viewed by enlightened individuals as the successive fulfillment of one’s inner potential with none of the material symbols of money and status associated with it.

An innate attraction to Esoteric knowledge has drawn teachings and teachers to me, throughout my life, from different countries and cultures.

The most profound of these encounters came in 1966 when I had a startling vision of my Guru Kirpal Singh Ji whom I visited in April of 1968 to be initiated into "The Path of the Masters"at Sawan Ashram in New Delphi, India. Additional studies in the Esoteric Sciences were received from Bishop James P. Moody, Founder of the Mission of Divine Research, Dr.Mishra Ramuriti of the Yoga Society of New York, Babalawo Edward James, of the Yoruba Community of New York, Dr. Paul Foster Case founder of Builders of the Adytum and Elder Vasant, the International Representative of the Agni-hotra Society.

The ecumenical perspective acquired through my experiences with the many sages I have studied with has resulted in the realization that "Truth is One though Paths are Many".

The desire for World Peace that many profess to be seeking will only become a reality when we learn to accept and reverently respect the universality of philosophical and religious ideologies.

Forty five years of research, study and practical experience under the tutelage of extraordinary teachers has resulted in my achieving global recognition as a competent, respected Metaphysical teacher and Life Purpose consultant.

Music is one of the major channels through which I teach the Esoteric Sciences. It is in fact the final means of Spiritual liberation, the Alpha and Omega of creation.

The WORD, spoken or written appeals to the Mind, when harmoniously combined with Music it revives the heart,nourishes the soul and liberates the spirit.

The intuitive realization of the deeper significance of music may have inspired my career as a professional singer.

Whatever the case may be, the Metaphysical Ministry has taken the expression of my vocal talents to a level that emphasizes the therapeutic and spiritual dynamics of the human voice.

Prior to my accepting a work-related request to move to California I produced and hosted an inspirational metaphysical Music program, "The Gospel Experience" on WATB 1420 A.M. in Atlanta, Ga.

Before relocating to Atlanta I produced and hosted three radio programs: The Gospel Experience- Songs in the Key of Life and a metaphysical talk show -Signs and Seasons ,which aired for eight years on W.P.F.W 89.3F.M in Washington, D.C:

The"Signs and Seasons" radio broadcast actually began as a weekly newspaper column designed to teach the Science of Astrology and give Mini-Astrological profiles to readers of the syndicated papers that featured my column: The Capital Spotlight, Afro-American weekly and The Jackson Advocate.

I also had the opportunity to produce and host the radio programs mentioned above in the Virgin Island of St Thomas for five years. They were featured for a brief period on the "Wave" Radio station in the exotic city of Belize during my six month retreat at the turn of the century.

In addition to my private metaphysical counseling practice, I have been, for the last six years the primary guest Astrologer-Numerologist featured on Front Page and Inner Visions,two popular radio talk shows broadcast on KJLH A.M. and KPFK F.M. in Los Angeles California.The focus of these programs is to enhance consciousness on issues related to the growth and development of the local, national and international community.

Student / Teaching Experience

The main focus of my studies and mentoring have been The Metaphysics of Religion, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalistic Christianity, The Tree of Life, Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot.

Metaphysics of Life
Holistic Nutrition, Astrology, Kaballah, Tarot

Metaphysical Consultant
2012 The Last Days of a Galactic Cycle (.pdf)
Aquarius International, Los Angeles California, United States
Feb 2009 - Mar 2009

Recognized by local media for a clear and concise delivery of the meaning of events and circumstances related to 2012. Much of the information shared with the general public has fallen into the category of to bizarre to believe or to esoteric too understand.

A conscious attempt to provide a rational and practical explanation of this 2600 year galactic occurrence was rewarded by the positive feedback received from those who attended this lecture series.

Holistic Substance Abuse Consultant
Lorton Correctional Facility, Virgina, United States
Jan 1992 - Jun 1995
Holistic Substance Abuse Alternatives

Metaphysics of Health and Religion
Mission of Divine Research, New york city, United States
Dec 1965 - Dec 1974
Holistic Nutrition, Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot

Professional Experience

Human Resource Specialist
Motivational Dynamics Program, New York, United States
Sep 1966 - Present

Astrological Consultant
Krst Unity- Inner Visions -Front Page, Los Angeles, United States
Apr 2006 - Present

Hatha Yoga Instructor/Motivational Dynamics Consultant
Dept of Corrections, District of Columbia, United States
Jul 1990 - Jun 1993

Vegetarian Chef and food Prep Instructor
Feb 1976 - Jun 1979

Prepared daily Vegetarian menu. Delivered hot soup and other health snacks to Recreation centers and local business's in the Harlem Community.Built and operated a mobile refreshment cart during the summer months. The objective of both ventures was to educate "Inner city "residents on the Health and Economical advantages of eating nutritious meals.

Fort Hamilton Army Education Center, New York, United States
Feb 1968 - May 1974

Psychiatric Social Worker
New Lease Youth Program, New York, United States
May 1969 - Mar 1971

Holistic Substance Abuse Consultant
Operation Helping Hand, New York, United States
Jul 1965 - Dec 1968


Kabalistic Studies: Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced
Builders of the Adytum, Calfornia, United States
Sep 1974 - Present

Metaphysics of Health and Spirituality
Mission of Divine Research, New York, United States
Jan 1962 - Sep 1974

Professional Exams & Certifications

Doctor of Religious Metaphysics
Mission of Divine Research, New York, United States
Year Of Passing: 1965

Books & Publications

The African-Americans Role in America's Spiritual Destiny: a Metaphysical Perspective

The primary objectives of this revolutionary publication are: to explore the Karmic causes and solutions to the problems of racial hatred; awaken America from its materialistic slumber, inform its citizens of the Spiritual meaning of the"American Dream"and remind African-Americans of the vital role we are destined to play in the fulfillment of the ancient Egyptian vision upon which this great country was founded.

Sylmarah Baruti
Founder of Somatheta Healing®, Talk Show Host

Sylmarah Baruti

Owner / CEO at House of Alkebulan Holistic Alliance
Owner / CEO at The Source Today
Founder and President at Somatheta Healing