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Entrepreneur, BHT Mental Health Counselor, Education Specialist, CEO of TDAC Solutions

The Holistic Health Show with Dr Carl O Helvie and special guest Dr. Michael Finkelstein

Indie Recording Artist, Licensed Therapist, Personal Trainer

Global Enlightenment Timeline Acceleration and CONTINUUM NEWS

Another info-packed interview between Alexandra Meadors and Randy Cramer. This 2 hour exchange reviews all sorts of current events on the ground and in space.

Duane Heppner returns to delve more deeply into the structures of the Matrix and the layers of reality running Creation.  There is increased awareness of the 3 "Gods of man", and the control systems which keep humans incarnating in a human farming operation.  For those who enjoy David Icke and his exposure of the reptilian blood lines, this will be a "juicy show".  The value resides in pointing the way out of Creation, as beings of pure Light, exiting the manufactured duality and endless incarnations inside the Matrix.