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Angels Are Near Us with Linda Torres

“Rev. Frances Fayden, Your Sacred Living Mentor, Intuitive Healer and "Divine Translator" for Mother Mary, the Saints and Archangels. She is the founder of the Community of Mary, an online spiritual community that honors the Divine Mother.  She loves to help people discover their Sacred Life Purpose and to see themselves through God's eyes. Through intuitive readings, tele-classes and spiritual seminars, she will help you have your own direct experience of God, which often results in profound healing on a heart level.”  

2014 Easter Resurrection
and the ‘Web’ We Want

  The cross is a universal symbol of
the crucifixion of spirit in matter.

The April Cosmic Grand Cross is
 the 2014 crossroads determining
  either decisive resurrection of the
  spirit that matters for all mankind
   or by default, ‘dimitude’ as “DUH”
 (Dim, Unconscious & Heartless).


Professional Astrologer, Author, Editor and Social Activist

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld interviewing guest Cozy McFee from Arizona, who is able to capture the spectacular landscapes of Sedona.  He describes his techniques for tuning into the weather with his creaitve eye. His images become co-creations of human aestetics and natural phenomenon.

How powerful and important are our feelings? Beginning with his original poem, "Feelings, the Language of Relationship," Rochelle and Errol probe this all important (and sometimes all-consuming) human expression.  The program also features the poem "Hope" put to music.--a very haunting and rich journey into the loss of hope and its "resurrection."  Listen to this show and expereince the Striders' usual blend of thoughtful conversation, some amazing music and, of course, the Striders' unique brand of whimzy and comical perspectives.