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Dr Art Franklin
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If you believe that preventing disease is a choice that sure beats the alternative, you'll love my guest on Cosmic LOVE this Saturday.
Dr. Art Franklin is a Naturopathic Doctor who, since 1965, has dealt with over 30,000 cancer patients from all over the world, utilizing Nature's products that can't be patented by Big Pharma.
Art is now 81, lived a good life, helped a lot of people, and he'll be sharing what he's been doing to get about a 97% cure rate for even the 'hopeless' cases in hospice. Recovery is usually within 7 weeks. He was once one of those 'hopeless' cases with terminal stage IV cancer and given 60 days to live. That was 11 years ago, and he is still cancer free.
Dr. Art doesn't make medical claims. He doesn't cure cancer. The body heals itself when the right natural modalities build health in the biological terrain of the tissues, cells and organ systems of the body.  That's what natural healing practitioners do.
Welcome Dr. Art Franklin to Cosmic LOVE with your Presence,
Christopher Rudy
PS: The effect of the rare cosmic "triple-play" – see: 'Equinox, Solar Eclipse and Super Moon' -- will still be strong during the show, so this could be a likewise rare event:)