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Today Joan and Janet talk about "emotions and Consciousness."  Emotions - what are they? Why do we have them? How to enjoy them?  How, as Consciousness, do we experience them?

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Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Interview with guest: Pat McHugh-McCormick

Interfaith Minister and Hospice Chaplain

Today, on Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet we talk about Love and heart space. In Heart Space you can experience the infinite and expansive Love of Consciousness They are joined by  Emily Potter, musician and Matrix practitioner. Emily had a powerful experience of Love with a man she only knew telepathically.

She is celebrating Valentine's Day for the whole month of February performing a True Love Tour up the West Coast of the US.

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and Mark Laisure

Learn to Focus at Will with Guest and Musical Guest, Will Henshall, Musician, Scientist, Songwriter, Technology Inventor and CEO of focus@will

The Beauty Files with Juanita with Juanita Dillard and special guests, Jill Mattson, Joani Horchler, Andrea Powell and Tiana Ramos

A Fireside Chat with Lance White and special guest Jill Mattson

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode was about 'Quantum Physics and You' and relates many new discoveries in physics and science that totally change the way we view the world and support many of the self empowering techniques taught at ET Yoga. 

Adventures Into Sovereignty with Rebecca Cope hosting the group.