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We'll be discussing the rite of passage most men must go through before they actually become mature adults.  The role of the male has been redefined .... or has it?  Let's find out.

You 'Bout Ready to listen to another 1 hour talk show program with Marty Ford? Only on BBS Radio!

You 'Bout Ready with host Marty Ford, with more mental revelations to make you think!

Zone In! Nutrition and Exercise - show 16 with Steven D. Lewis and Special guest Keith, on BBS Radio!

Zone In! Nutrition and Exercise - show 15 with Steve Lewis and Special Guest Keith!

The theme of this show was 'Searching for Miracles' and presenting the concept of 'Total Immunity from Disease'. Also included details concerning the full understanding of disease. 

Yosaif is dedicated to those who are in the role of caregiving.  He wants to help them before they burn out from all of the stresses associated with that position of responsibility.