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Universal Soul Love with David and Dr. Lana Love with special guest Stephanie Banks

Wellness is a term often used, but can mean so many things. Our guest today, Suzanne Ross, is a fitness instructor, nutritional coach, and has written 3 books as a trilogy to lead us to evolutionary wellness. The belief here is that only with truth, awareness, and focus can any of us truly reach bliss. Reaching potential is never ending and that is why evolution is a part of the teachings, writings and workshops that Suzanne has developed and offers. Constant growth in a way you will be able to understand will help you identify the formula.

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Living Purposefully… Living a Purposeful Life With Passion: Connect to Your Inner Being with Guest, Medically Trained Medical Doctor Dr. Rod Pezeshki and Musical Guests Earth Wake.

We continue with the concept of evolutionary wellness and dig deeper in the next hour as to what lead Suzanne Ross, trainer, coach, author and mentor to do what she does. She is changing the world one person at a time. Her curiosity has lead to some brilliant discoveries and creative ideas about how others can learn about their deepest selves and manifest their best selves. She will discuss her second and 3rd books and how they contribute to the navigation of how to get where we want to go.

Wellness Coach, personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Author, Speaker