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Tonight's session is all about forgiveness. Beginning with the story about the Prodigal Son, Shusara speaks about the various levels of forgiveness and how they apply to your inner work.This show will be a mind bender for many which is ncessary in the beginning stages of dissolution work, as it allows for mind to begin to ease into deeper understandings.
The song for meditation at the end of the program is "Remember" by Omkara.

School of Human Potential with Allen Vaysberg and special guest, Dina Proctor

Founder of The Thought Exchange

How to Live an Empowered Life with Empathic Seer, Intuitive Guide, Claircognizant and Clairsentient - Anthony. In this time of uncertainty how do we move through the illusion to discover our true identity.

Anthony is a man with an ability to know the truth of an other's life regardless of what you may say or do. This ability allows him to walk you through your fear of what is in you way. He does not require your story you have been telling, he only ask that you be present and willing to allow true transition, for this may not be easy.