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Today we talk about how to increase your pleasure during the holidays and every day.


Our guest, Caroline Andrews, is a Relationship Coach and expert on the Power of Pleasure. She shares helpful advice for fueling your energy and relationships with the joy of finding pleasure.


Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Guest, Lorna Poole

Going from Dating Disaster to Finding Long-Time Love 

How's Your Dating Radar? Dr. Rhoberta Shaler helps you see why you may be missing red flags

Guest, Dating Coach Lorna Poole, talks candidly how dating disasters woke her up to what she really wanted and how she found long-time love and what it took to get it 

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters will be discussing how to lower holiday stress with the help of your loved one. Instead of getting annoyed, learn how to work together in harmony to have a much more peaceful holiday season.Guest David Schroeder, LMSW and Life Coach will be joining me.

Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Intro: Difficult People at work
How to Deal with Difficult People at Work
Judy Hoberman Pt 1 - First impressions: Important, Accurate or Not
Judy Hoberman Pt 2 - How to distance yourself from difficult people and succeed in the work world
What to do with a bully at work

Relationship Help Show with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Seg 1 - Intro - Hooked on Hope & Hijackals
Seg 2 - Verbal Abuse is Too Common 
Seg 3 - Shirlene Reeves Part 1 - How Hijackals Changed My Life 
Seg 4 - Shirlene Reeves Part 2 - How I left. What I learned. Being Hijackal-free.
Seg 5 -  Too much drama

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure

“Sextraordinary Living,” with Guests, Sex Educators and Somatic Sexual Healers, Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson, and Musical Guest, Recording Pop Artist, Singer and Songwriter, Marina V on The LIFE CHANGES Show


Creators of Sex and Love Unplugged Meetup, and The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

The Man Panel, with Patrick, David, Rob and TIm

How do you know if you're actually experiencing verbal abuse? What can you do to stop it? How best to respond?

GUEST: Dr. Lee Baucom, creator of the Save The Marriage System. We'll discuss when and what marriages can be saved, and how to know when it's time to part ways.