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Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio - Redesign world system that supports life for all of life! Development of new systems of economics and governance that supports everyone! Guest Daniel Schmachtenberger, Founder and Research Director of Critical Path Global

Social Engineer, Evolutionary Philosopher and strategist, Founder of Critical Path Global

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown and Kathleen Gomez on BBS Radio! Today's topic is all about Mothers, the History of Women in the US and How Mothers affect our lives. Special call in by Dr. James Miller.

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on Mother's Day on BBS Radio! Topic: Mind Control, Mothers, The Power of Birthing, Ego and Control - Also Special Guest audio segment with Soleilmavis Liu.

DEBUT show for, The Political Fix with Heather Vale Goss, Jay Amernick and Rick Raddatz on BBS Radio! Top stories in the new and in Politics!

Finding the answer to the country's political problems by combining the best of the Right and the Left!

...with Heather, known as "The Unwrapper", a premier freelance interviewer peeling back the layers of the onion to discover the truth.

...with Jay, a strategic planner helping his clients create and implement strategic plans, complete with goals, tactics and benchmarks.

School Teacher, Writer, Education Activist, Scholar, Blogger

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown and Kathleen Gomez! Topics: The American Middle Class, the Working Class situation, problems and solutions! The Builders of the American Dream!

May 4, 2014, Noon Pacific time

The Truth about Medical Marijuana
(featuring an in-depth interview with a grower)

(Note: the name and location of our mystery guest. "Corey," will not be revealed to protect his privacy and safety)

Are you ready to know the Truth about medical marijuana?

Tune in as Sri and Kira reveal:

Guest, Dr. Lois Weiner

The War Report on Public Education with James A. Miller, Jr., PhD - Show #5 on BBS Radio!

The format of the show focuses on the corporate war on public education and the rising public resistance movement to the war.

James email address:, and he cordially invites people to write him and express their thoughts.


Interview with Uri Geller
Uri Geller is one of the world's most investigated and celebrated mystifiers. Famous around the globe for his mind-bending abilities, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery.