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The Debut of Stargate Round Table talk radio show with with Marietta Pickett

The Debut of The Insight Hour talk radio show with Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherry Kane on BBS Radio!


The Debut of Hollow-Gram Radio Show with Cheryl Catherine Smith and Ash Riot on BBS Radio! Regular Hosts Cheryl & Ash, (of, introduce themselves & share a bit of their personal journeys as solo musicians coming together to form their new band, (and world LOVE REVOLUSION vision), called "Hollow-Gram." Ash & Cheryl give a live electric guitar performance of four of their new songs: "Joy No Longer Divided"*, "The Fusion"*, "Dare Me Daylight" * & "Everyone's Screaming"* and welcome callers Doris, Lu

Transformational Flow" 

The Flow of our higher levels of energy and consciousness is meant to be naturally flowing through all of us. Unfortunately many things are in the way of this Flow. Besides unnatural levels of disconnection, we also contend with accumulated energetic, emotional and mental "mud and debris" that prevent it from naturally flowing though us, thus hampering our natural ability to self clear, balance, heal and transform on many levels.

The Debut of X-Squared Radio talk radio show with Dr. Brooks Alexander Agnew, PhD on BBS Radio.

The Debut of Personal Planetary Healing Meditation radio show with Wynn Free on BBS Radio!

Wynn Free is most known as the principal author of the book – The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? In addition to presenting an impeccable case, proving for most readers, that Edgar Cayce has returned, the book gives a most credible understanding, from a cosmic perspective, as to what’s really happening on planet earth, concerning the dimensional shift and ascension. The source of the readings has identified itself as the Ra Confederacy – a group soul.

Debut of THE MESSENGER talk show with Carolyn Evers on BBS Radio!

The Debut of ZERO POINT with Dr. Christopher Holmes on BBS Radio!

Eva Herr interview with the late great Dr. Abram Hoffer

If you are looking for reliable information to help you make intelligent decisions about your health... LOOK NO MORE! Eva Herr's interview skills produce more useful information in one hour than many books. She does her homework and she knows her topics!  Her interviews are like health/science depositions. She finds the facts!

For information on the science of consciousness and quantum physics to early detection and prevention of disease using holistic mechanisms and nutrition -- Eva Herr has it all!