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Author, Journalist, TV Personality, U.K. Government Ministry of Defense Employee, UFO Researcher, Media Commentator, Writer, Broadcaster, Lecturer, Novelist
Author, Public Lecturer, Uncoventialal Thinker, Historian, Sociologist, Journalist, Writer, Editor, TV Series Host, Supernatural Researcher
UFO Researcher, Writer, Experiencer. Film Director, Producer
Ancient Aliens Series Star, Consulting Producer, Publisher, Ancient Anstronaut Expert, Mystery Places Explorer
Author, Lecturer, Writer, Engineering Consultant, Conspiracy Theorist, Mystery Researcher
Author, Writer, NDE Researcher, Humanitarian, Scholar, Philosopher, Doctor, Lecturer, Trainer, Counselor, Media Expert
Mystic, Author, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator, Spiritualist
Physicist, Scientist, Cosmologist, Astronomer, Energy Systems Researcher, Consultant, Applied Physics Expert
Director, Researcher, Subtle Energy Teacher, Healer, Crystal Skull Researcher, Cherokee, Elder, Author, Columnist, Speaker
Academic, Sociologist, Psychologist, Researcher, Writer, Author, Spiritual Experiencer