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Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce and guest Frank St. James, Psychic-Detective

Lets Find Out with Frank St. James, Psychic-Detective, hosting in for Elizabeth Joyce and sidekick Donald Newsom

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce with guest Frank St. James, Psychic-Detective

Timothy J Glenn returns to talk about the various astrological transits which will be affecting us all - in positive ways.  Major shifts are morphing our realities, so remaining present "in the now", in a neutral space is empowering.  A lot of valuable information on the near future and how to meet it - as the Creators that we already are!

Animal communicator, pet intuitive, pet behavior specialist and obedience trainer

Brits Got Your Number with Brittnay Johnson and guest Bob Wolf

Brits Got Your Number with Brittnay Johnson with guests Bob Wolf and then Carol Olivia Adams

First Guest: Bob Wolf

Second Guest: Carol Olivia Adams, Author of "The Awakening of Friendship" and host  of "The matter of the Heart"

Brits Got Your Number with Brittnay Johnson and Robert with guest callers Lara, Bob Young and Steve

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