Near Death Experiences

Guest, Tana Newberry

Guest Occupation: 
Experiencer, MILAB, Author, NDE, Contactee, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Development Coach

Signs of Life, June 28, 2018

Signs of Life with Bob Ginsberg and Phran Ginsberg

Signs of Life with Bob & Phran Ginsberg and guest Loyd Auerbach

Signs of Life, June 7, 2018

Signs of Life with Bob Ginsberg and Phran Ginsberg

Signs of Life with Bob & Phran Ginsberg and guests

The Gathering

Guest Name, Bernadette Rodriguez/ Historian/ investigator

Paranormal Travelers
Bernadette Rodriguez/ Historian/ investigator
Paranormal Investigation Team

Hello, I am Bernadette from Paranormal Travelers. I am historian/investigator for our team. I am inquiring about a possible guest spot on your show. We have a diverse team, that's starting season 3 on YouTube. Our paranormal investigation group was co-founded by Richard Newell and Michael Rossi, a Medium. Paranormal Travelers is based out of Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. We investigate the paranormal, haunting's and anything unexplained. At each investigation, we film each episode, using the most up to date equipment available. Since, we are non- profit, we film and produce each episode ourselves. We are unique, because of the make-up of the group. We have believers and skeptics. Regardless of our beliefs, we are searching for answers. We have a resident medium, Micheal, who can talk and see the dead. There are also sensitives and a team member working towards their Masters, in the field of Psychology. We not only look at experiences and evidence, but try to debunk, disprove our findings first. Our main goal is too help our clients however we can. It would be a privilege to be a guest on your show. Thank you for your time. Yours Truly, Bernadette R. Contact Michael Rossi or Richard Newell: Co-founders/ Leads Phone: (570-793-0998 ) OR (570-301-3016), E-mail:

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick, November 27, 2017

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick

Meta Mondays with Adena Bannick  Free Readings 

In today's Episode Adena Dedicated the Show to A new Foundation Called Kardboard house 

Guest Name, Christopher Ostrowski

Christopher Ostrowski
Christopher Ostrowski
Owner/Advisor at Papa Coyote's
Owner/Advisor · January 1, 2009, to present · Mohnton, Pennsylvania
I grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there was a practice called “Pow Wow Medicine”. This is a type Root Medicine and Conjuring that is used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is a combination of Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence, Judeo-Christian folklore. And depending on what part of the Appalachian Trail you are from, shamanic practices, Native teachings and Hoodoo practices derived from the beliefs of Africans brought to the U.S. during the time of slavery. The word Pow Wow is early 17th century: from Narragansett powáw ‘magician’ (literally ‘he dreams’). The proper name is Speilwork or Braucherei. Adepts are called Braucher, Hexenmeisters, or just Hexens.

Guest, Christopher Maggard

Guest Occupation: 
Netflix host and paranormal investigator


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