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Joseph Varley Presents with Joseph Varley and guests Dr Melvin Morse and Dr Jeffrey Smith along with mediums Diana White Eagle and Sharon Milliman

Signs of Life with Doreen Molloy hosting Mediums and Messages with guest Rebecca Anne LoCicero, author of "Living with Messages from Heaven" and "Adventures in Manifesting", a reiki energy healer, pastoral counselor, certified medium.

Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, professional Intuitive, author, artist, and organic gardener

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland. Subject includes the oil pipeline verdict, & the intervention of the Feds to stop construction of the pipeline. The waking up of mass consciousness, and the clean-up of our planet with the help of the E.T.s and the Ultr-dimensionals.

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland & Tonight's guest, Winston Shrout & the New Govt, Financial Reset, Ascension, New Banking and the end of the cabal & the elites. The the involvement with ETs, such as the Reptilians, Drachos, the Archon network's demise. How the benevolent races such as Arcturians, Pleaidians, Andromedans, etc. have been instrumental in the clean-up operations of this planet.