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Ann Elizabeth Wagner
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Motivational Speaker and Author
Guest Biography

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety...Finding Your Soul's Purpose

Ann Wagner is a speaker and author with 30+ years of first-hand experience in the areas of depression and anxiety. After a traumatic brain injury and subsequent out of body experience (OBE), Ann has focused her study on the relationship between our thoughts, our consciousness, and the direct impact on our mental health.

All of our thoughts, positive and negative, go into the universe with certain vibrational energies attached. Thoughts of love, compassion, and happiness have higher vibrations than fear, anger, and anxiety. We attract “more” of whatever we put our minds toward. If we put out thoughts and feelings of despair or anxiety, we attract people and situations with similar energy vibrations. The good news is that if we can shift to higher vibrational energy, we can completely change our circumstances for the better.

She speaks to audiences about "re-training the brain" by slowing the mind (meditation) and changing the "programming." On the most fundamental level, she teaches techniques that can change negative thought patterns as they arise. With practice and over a period of time, she shows how we can radically change our consciousness and the outcomes in our lives.
Depression and anxiety can be situational or deep-seated. By aligning the physical, mental, and soul self, Ann shows how one can experience lasting mental health and true fulfillment.