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Afterlife Expert, Researcher, Professor, Theologian, Author, Writer, Scholar
Primary Care Physician, Scientist, Medium, Writer, Author, Narrator
Spiritual Teacher, Healing Conduit, Author, Consciousness Explorer, Humanitarian, Music Producer, Speaker
ET Contactee, Spiritual Healer, Psychotherapist, Remote Therapist, Seer
Author, Channel, Pleiadian Emissary of Light
Author, Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contactee, Orion Channel, Hypnotic Regression Channel
Author, Channel of Ramtha, the Great American Channel, Spiritual Leader, Inspirational Speaker, Ascended Master Teacher, Humanitarian
Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Author, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Metaphysician, Consultant, Spiritual Councellor, Speaker, Channel
Writer, Producer, Internationally Known Channeller, Speaker, Author, Trance Channel, Voice of Bashar
Author, Editor, Manager of Communications, Medium