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Lyme Disease Expert, Researcher, Speaker, Writer, Publisher, Author
Oncologist, Surgeon, Cancer Treatment Specialist, Alternative Medicine Pioneer, Author, Advisory, Speaker, Professional Motorcycle Racer
Medical Researcher, Authority on Chronic Deseases, Health Educator, Speaker, Author, Medical Director, Anatomical Scientist, Kinesiologist, Outdoorsman
Chief Medical Information Officer and Naturopathic Physician, Visionary Leader in Integrative Medicine, Lecturer, Naturopathic Physician, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Author, Editor in Chief, Advisor
Writer, Author, Editor, Doctor of Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, Authority on Integrative Medicine
Researcher, Scientist, Chemical Specialist, Information Analyst, Scholar, Expert in Nutritional Magnesium, Author
Osteopathic Family Physician, Medical Doctor, Clinical Professor, Author
Author, Doctor, Writer, Physical Organic Chemist, Molecular Geneticist, CEO of a Biotechnology Firm, Spiritual Healer, Hypnotherapist, Physicist, Cosmologist, Venture Capitalist
Author, Lecturer, Professor, Consultant, Cancer and Nutrition Expert, Musician, Inventor, Founder