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Medical Director, Pediatrician, Surgeon, Trainer, Writer, TV Talk Show Host, Advisor, Energy Medicine Authority, Author
Medical Director, Prolotherapy Doctor, Physiatrist, Consultant, Nutriceutical Developer, Lecturer, Preceptor, Editor, Instructor, Author
Wholistic Psychotherapist, Editor, Alternative Health Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Researcher, Author, Diplomate, Advisor
Fitness Instructor, Molecular Geneticist, Cancer Researcher, DNA Lab Director
Physics Engineer, Physician, Neurosurgeon, Integral Medicine Authority, Author, Alternative Medicine Researcher, Spiritual Explorer
Physician, Pharmacist, Surgeon, Vietnam Vet, Internal Medicine Authority, Alternative Therapy Authority, Author
Instructor, Teacher, Research Scientist, Natural Healing Authority, Herbalist, Holistic Nurse, Wellness Educator, Author, Consultant, Natural Products Developer
Holistic Family Practicioner, Family Physician, Holistic Medicine Expert, Lecturer, Author
Doctor of Medicine, Nutritional Supplements Developer, Fibromyalgia Recovery Expert
National Expert in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis, Physician, Author, Researcher