The Onyoradiodial Show - DEBUT SHOW, June 13, 2014

The DEBUT of The Onyoradiodial Show with Dennis Morgan

Today's Guests include:

Marcus Murphy
Gary Russell Jr.
Ms. Phat Kat
Julian DeLeo

Music during show includes...

1. The intro song by the Young Hogs

2.The first break song by Ms.Phat Kat

3. The last break song by The Umtamed Warriors

Life Changes with Filippo, June 9, 2014

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and guests, Jake Kloberdanz and Melissa Lake

Guest, Melissa Lake

Guest Occupation: 
Executive Director, ONEHOPE Foundation / Director of Social Impact, ONEHOPE

Guest, Jake Kloberdanz

Guest Occupation: 
CEO and Co-Founder of ONEHOPE

DEBUT SHOW: Wish Upon A Star, May 21, 2014

DEBUT of, Wish Upon A Star with Anndell V. Banks. Today's Special guest, Cheryl Slay Carr

Real Estate Answer Man Show, April 29, 2014

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez!

Avoid Forclosures using a Short Sale! Coming Back into the Market! Money Monday - Boomerang Buyers with Tony Martinez

Mortgage Bankers:

Keith Guillarmod - 954-557-6696


P.J. Vilardo - 714-614-1211

Lessons From My Brother Zig, April 22, 2014

Floyd Wickman, Co-Author of “Lessons From My Brother Zig”


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