Real Estate Answer Man Show, January 14, 2014

The debut show of, REAL ESTATE ANSWER MAN SHOW with Tony Martinez, on BBS Radio!

Guest, John Shufeldt

Guest Occupation: 
Serial Student, Entrepreneur, Author

The Donna Seebo Show, December 12, 2013

We'll be discussing how we can produce energy in America, taking care of our needs for power with realistic and practical solutions.

The Donna Seebo Show, December 3, 2013

We'll be discussing the practical wisdom of a man who was dedicated to empowering people in business, leaving behind a legacy that is timeless.

Guest, William Cohen

Guest Occupation: 
President of The California Institute of Advanced Management

The Donna Seebo Show, November 22, 2013

When one is laid off from a job it is devestating to say the least.  How can you manage your emotional upheaveal, fears and move forward. Damian, a Career Counselor, has some wonderful toos to share .. listen in and get past those fearful hurdles of the unknown.

Guest, John Murphy

Guest Occupation: 
Author, speaker, leadership coash, and business consultant

The Donna Seebo Show, November 14, 2013

Communication is at the heart of anyone's success regardless of the area of expertise.  Zach Friend will be sharing skills he has learned through his public service work and dealing with people who want to be at the top of their game whatever that might be. Listen in and tips will be shared.

Guest, Dana Ardi

Guest Occupation: 
Corporate Anthropologist


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