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Civility Analyst Etiquette Coach
Dr McLaughlin is an award winning Professor and Head of Largest and most Respected Harp Departments in the world. More information was presented earlier on this site and is available at:
Tejpal was the Director of an International Business Consultant Team in Paris, France with masters degrees in business management and psychology.
Financial Controller, Business Consultant
Business Consultant, Entrepreneur
Advanced Mortgage Planer & Real Estate Portfolio manager, Public Speaker

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow has a special guest, Bob Wheeler, CPA, CFO of the Comedy Store in LA and author of The Money Nerve. Bob will share how you can visualize, create small steps, and add a dealine for your goals. He will guide us in how to flip our dreams into reality and know the satisfaction of reaching our goals. For more information, please visit:

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell V. Banks and special guest, Rosa Pryor Trusty a.k.a. "Ramblin' Rose" is an entertainment columnist in Baltimore, Maryland.