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Michael J. Murphy blows the lid off the geoengineering agenda, and shares the latest information on the deliberate shifting of the weather, off California's coast, up to warm the Arctic.  Major countries are vying for the vast wealth which can only be accessed if the Arctic melts.  Why not also create a global carbon tax and claim "global warming"?  Agenda 21, HAARP, nanotechnology, Monsanto's aluminum resistant seeds, and how we can all become involved to stop the agenda for a global governing body, "to protect us".

Award Winning Director Producer Political Activist and President of the Coalition Against Geoengineering
Published Author, Editor, Astrologer, Exopermaculture and Social Activist
Professional Astrologer, Author, Editor and Social Activist

Julian Rose returns to speak eloquently about his battle with the EU in Poland, which was about to steamroll over the millions of peasant farmers, evicting them to create vast corporate "modern, sterile food manufacturing" plots for global production.  We speak about GMOs, chemtrails, organic farming and the subtle energies which are part of the local farming wisdom.  The love exchanged between all life is then lost and the quality of life greatly diminished.  I woke Julian up at 4:00 A.M. and he mentions this at the start!

Creature of Jekyll Island, Chemtrails, Gold and Silver

JULIAN ROSE turns a page in history with this paradigm shifting 2 hour show.  I first discovered Julian's brilliant writing through several articles. the first being "Reverse Engineering the Illuminati Mindset".  Another is "Phoenix Rising".  On his website, a guest author wrote an excellent activist post, which are all on his website at the link below:

Learning from indigenous wisdom and knowledge – To change society a cultural revolution in activism is needed – by R. Teichmann