Conscious Thought with Leo, June 22, 2016

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler anf guest Cher Tanner, Community coordinator for Pachamama Alliance in Tampa Bay area. Living in Harmony with Nature and out Planet.Awakening the Dreamer, changing the Dream.

Guest, Thad McClammy

Guest Occupation: 
State House Representative

Guest Name, Jean Jacques Ranger

Jean Jacques (ohn) Ranger Psychopsema - Child Protective Services Human Trafficking of Children
Jean Jacques Ranger

Such actions are clearly << CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & in fact appear to resemble state party backed and openly run semi-sophisticated modern day HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCHEMES >> - which acts have equally been permitted to ESCALATE IN NATURE & OCCURRENCE ..... this mostly due to the endless FUNDS & RESOURCES used on EXTENSIVE & LARGE SCALE COVER-UPS of the latter mentioned - this by the same LAWLESS, RECKLESS & DANGEROUS CPS - Foster Care agencies who perpetrate these UNSPEAKABLE ACTS .

A Fireside Chat, January 24, 2015

Michael J. Murphy blows the lid off the geoengineering agenda, and shares the latest information on the deliberate shifting of the weather, off California's coast, up to warm the Arctic.  Major countries are vying for the vast wealth which can only be accessed if the Arctic melts.  Why not also create a global carbon tax and claim "global warming"?

Guest, Michael J Murphy

Guest Occupation: 
Award Winning Director Producer Political Activist and President of the Coalition Against Geoengineering

Guest, David Gallup

Guest Occupation: 
CEO of the World Service Authority

Guest, Ann Kreilkamp

Guest Occupation: 
Published Author, Editor, Astrologer, Exopermaculture and Social Activist

Guest, Dr Ann Krielkamp

Guest Occupation: 
Professional Astrologer, Author, Editor and Social Activist

A Fireside Chat, January 4, 2014

Julian Rose returns to speak eloquently about his battle with the EU in Poland, which was about to steamroll over the millions of peasant farmers, evicting them to create vast corporate "modern, sterile food manufacturing" plots for global production.  We speak about GMOs, chemtrails, organic farming and the subtle energies which are part of the local farming wisdom.


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