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I'll discuss Internal Happiness vs External Happiness, why striving for happiness instead of joy is better for most people, and why happiness isn't predominantly your state of being today.

public speaker, author, spiritual director, teacher

Catalytic with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer

The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE with Wynn Free

Owner of Life Enhancement Services, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Show Host, Speaker, Reiki Prectitioner and Personal Trainer

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters

Come hear all about a life changing process called Appreciative Inquiry. Be better able to embrace change in a positive way, take action on whatever you want in life, improve your relationships and be able to manage challenges in a healthy way. Appreciative Inquiry Expert Jackie Kelm will show us how to use this amazing process to transform our personal and professional life.!

The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE with Wynn Free