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ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and special guest Jon Rappoport

The Galactic Roundtable with Elizabeth Trutwin and special guests Dr. Joseph G. Buchman and Robert Burke of Citizens Hearing on UFO Disclosure

John Barbour's World with John Barbour and special guest, Ken O'Keefe

The War Report on Public Education with Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. and guest Brian Crowell

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell V. Banks and special guest, Dr. Edith Moss Jackson

DR KEVIN BARRETT speaks about the bigotry he has experienced during his career teaching Islam at University and as a Muslim who has witnessed what transpired after 9-11, mainly the deliberate targetting of Muslims in the USA as well as overseas.  Dr. Barrett also discusses American Sniper and the Charlie Hebdo killings.