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Scientist, Biomedical Researcher, Medical Doctor, Pharmacologist, Professor, Father of Neurogastroenterology, ENS Pioneer, Gut Specialist, Author
Preventive Medicine Specialist, Clinical Nutritionist, Biochemist, Medical Editor, Lecturer, Author, Natural Alternatives Methodologist
Co Author, Energetic Balancing Researcher, Acupuncturist, Energetic Healer, AIM Inventor
Dietitian, Nutritionalist, Speaker, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Consultant, Academic Instructor, Researcher, Vegetarian Hall of Fame, Author
Medical Director, Family Physician, Diplomat, Associate Professor, Radio Show Host, Holistic Medicne Practicioner
Medical Marijuana Patient, Stockbroker, Bone Tumor Survivor, Author
Mystical Physician, Homeopathic Doctor, Intuitive, Alchemist, Mystic, Writer, Speaker, Author
Independent Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer, Director, Spiritual Evolver
Facilitator, Mentor, Author, Peak Performance Coach, Human Potential Developer, Entrepreneur
Chiropractic Physician, Naturopathic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Health Researcher, Educator, Consultant, Health Products Formulator, Publisher, Producer, Radio Show Host, Author, Writer, Commissioner, Human Rights Activist, Sp