The Ray Shasho Show welcomes legendary drummer Billy Cobham, June 26, 2017

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The Billy Cobham Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat Enrollment for the program is now open, with spaces limited for each of the four Instrument categories of drums, guitar, bass and keyboards.

Sports and Life, June 23, 2017

Cameron Live with Cameron Datzker

Camerons Sports and Life with Cameron Datzker and friends along with guests John Michael Capaldi, Jose Escamilla & Amber Martinez

Shadow Politics, June 25, 2017

Our guest will be MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight announcer Carlos Kremer.  Carlos is a graduate from UC Davis & a graduate from OCS. During his time with the Marines as Captain, Carlos received two Navy Achievement medals. He also held the position of Series Commander. Only 5% of all officers have been awarded this rank.

Guest, Carlos Kremer

Guest Occupation: 
High Energy Mixed Martial Arts Cage Announcer and Commentator, Captain USMC, Radio Host, MC, Military Press Reporter

Wish Upon A Star, June 21, 2017

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks

Guest, Willie Fields, Music Composer of CD titled "Garrell"

KickAss Relationship Show, June 21, 2017

The Kickass Relationship Show with Midori Verity

KickAss Relationship Show with Midori Verity with special guest Sara Moore, 'the Queen of Social Media"

Guest Name, Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Lainie Sevante Wulkan
Lainie Sevante Wulkan
Conscious Children’s Book Author

Lainie is a 30-year veteran in the entertainment and media fields.  She is the Host and Creator of Zeta Global Radio, a socially conscious and spiritual talk show featuring established and emerging leaders moving humanity forward in a positive way.  Guests have included Dr. Deepak Chopra, renowned Tai Chi healer, Mingtong Gu, award winning Dalai Lama Documentary Filmmaker, Leon Stuparich, bestselling Huffington Post writer, Carole Brody Fleet, CNN Hero of the Year, Jackson Kaguri, Grammy Winner Richard Kaufman and many, many more!

ZGR is in its third year and is currently listened to in 50+ countries with platforms on zetaglobalradio, Itunes, FB and spiritualcommunitiesnetwork and back on their mothership, BBS Radio, https://bbsradio.com/zetaglobalradiozgr as of August 1, 2017.  With the taglines #expandingthemind and #nourishingthesoul, there are archives of the show available on her website on a myriad of topics to shift consciousness and perspective.

Lainie is also the Author of Finn’s Giant Leap, a positive messaging children’s book for ages 3-9.  Based on a story of believing in oneness, dreaming big and all we ever needed is already inside, the touching story of a frog who gets “his golden wings” to fly while meeting a fairy is capturing hearts young and old all over the planet.  Her newly released music singalong cd, features music inspired from the story. She is currently writing her follow up book, next in the series taking Finn and readers on a new mystical journey where Finn and his friends meet a magical unicorn.

When not on radio and writing books, she is helping others build their unique presence with media tools with her companies Cinder Cone Worldwide and Enlightened Audio & Sound.

Whether it’s a commercial, promo video, film, music or audio CD or Signature Branded Audio ID theme song, her company she owns with 30 year Music Producer and Film Composer, Howard Wulkan, will work with you to create the right branding to get noticed!

She and her Husband make their home in sunny Florida having grown up in Los Angeles and spent the last 15 years in New Mexico with two Daughters and their four cats, two dogs, hedgehog and chinchilla. When not attending to the needs of her brood, she’s busy doing tarot and intuitive readings, traveling and whipping up a creative feast in the kitchen.

Dr Ginas Radio Chat, June 21, 2017

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina R Prince

Guests, Anthony Hamilton, Raychelle Lee, Tera Carissa, Ebony and Comedian A-Train

Guest, Natalie Ledwell

Guest Occupation: 
Entrepreneur, Author, Show Host

Guest Name, Tink Serval

Tinkiology & the playvolution,
Tink Serval
TV host, life coach, entertainer
Tink Serval, is a Life coach and performer.She is  the creator of : Tinkiology &  the playvolution, and the peace makers project. Bringing laughter and lightness of being wherever she goes.

Tink started her journey as a professional dancer, model, ballet teacher, personal trainer and choreographer.  She studied and performed in Europe, USA and Mexico.  While living in London, UK,  Tink won a scholarship to the Mime Centre,  for all performing arts,  by Adam Darious., majoring in improv, expressive mime, Comedia del Arte,​ choreography, stage and costume design and hair & make up.

Since then she has danced, choreographed and trained others for stage and television, world wide.  Despite the success she chose to keep her projects ​ close to home allowing her the joy of raising her daughter,  to study and... smell the roses.

She is a bi- lingual; French and English.  Living and working in  countless countries, an adventure that keeps her mind open to all cultures, and other ways of thinking, She is now fluent in Spanish and Dutch. (and getting by a few more.. coz its fun)

Alongside her performing career, Tink followed her life's long burning passion for "the meaning of life" vowing to become a "cosmic Sherlock Holmes”.

She  studied Body & Energy ​Work, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Craniosacral, meditation, Life Coaching, Mysticism and Theoretical Quantum Physics.

Tink is truly a passionate uplifter, teacher, and performer, using her skills and intuition to coach and treat wherever she happens to be, offering online guidance sessions as well. Her one on one, and workshops are  unique, as she sees everyone as already whole. She combines her highly professional skills with a laid back atmosphere, allowing you to feel totally safe and un-judged, resulting in an accelerated expansion in consciousness  and alignment with your Source, hence, her aim is accomplished; Tink:  “My goal is that one session be sufficed, creating such a strong knowingness of your true I Am,  and a juicy sense of joy,  giving you easy and fun tools to continue getting your guidance straight from your Source. Kind of an anti-Christ of business, I believe that the more people on the plane twill choose to master the art of “inner peace”  and practice it daily , it will change the world.”

Her  You tube channel:  Tinkiology,  features Tink's spontaneous  way of interviewing, presenting the art and culture of Puerto Morelos, Mexico where she lives most of the time.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY9PGuXkFLeVvu9y-1BdXVA

Tink on a mission: The channel is now dedicated to: Tinkiology & The Peace Makers - World Tour,  to inspire and teach others; how to live from true inner peace, through (free) workshops, and interviews with inspirational Peace-makers.

Here is the first video, featuring Sandra Dayton, a Peace Maker in Puerto Morelos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOuyGDA3jPw 

Appreciating your visit,likes and subscription to the channel. STAY TUNED, FOR MORE & JOIN IN TH US BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.


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