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Author, speaker, leadership coach, and business consultant

We'll be discussing the practical wisdom of a man who was dedicated to empowering people in business, leaving behind a legacy that is timeless.

President of The California Institute of Advanced Management

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For the Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe

Debut of For the Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe on BBS Radio!

Debut of From Shelter Dog to Service Dog with Janice Wolfe on BBS Radio!

Janice Wolfe, the founder of Merlin’s Kids, and a cancer survivor, searched for a reason why she survived while so many others did not. As a result, she has dedicated herself to helping to provide and train service animals for special needs individuals.

Janice is known as “The Lady” Dog Whisperer and “New Jersey’s Dog Whisperer” for her unique abilities with dogs with behavioral issues. Janice has rehabilitated over 25,000 dogs.

We are the Modern Romans of today; this is nothing to be proud of.  From dysfunctional families of all ethnicities and races to our failing institutions that find excuses to serve unfairly, we are all plagued with moral decadence.  And in case you’re wondering what this really means, it means that scarcity has become a stranger to us, because of a lifestyle of milk and honey that has run amuck without accounting for it in any responsible way; because the American work ethic is not what it once was, as food stamp programs are now the new idols to covet and emulate; and because our