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Elderly Care Manager, Investigative Archaeologist, Giza Foundation Founder, Author
Diplomate, Investment Counsellor, Professional Futurist, Speaker, Author, Lecturer
Weatherman, Chemtrail Researcher
Spiritual Archeologist, Art Curator, Out of Place Artifacts Expert, Author, Researcher
Astrologer, Writer, Lecturer, Minister, Editor, Mundane Astrology Expert
Investigative Mythologist, Author, Radio Show Host, Seeker, Teacher, Author
Environmental Lawyer, Journalist, Author, Farmer, Advisor, Recognized Environmental Authority
Modern Alchemist, Chemist, Assayer, Research Scientist, Chief Chemist, Teacher, Educator, Author
Trial Lawyer, Environmental Scholar, Researcher, Explorer, Philosopher, Journalist, Writer, Consultant, Editor, Life on Mars Theorist
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Harpist, Cinematographer, Documentary Producer, Crop Circle Expert