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Guest Name
Don Calvo
Don Tomas Calvo, Mayan Pope, Keeper of the Mayan Book of Creation and Maya Moral Authority
Guest Occupation
Mayan Pope, Keeper of the Mayan Book of Creation, Maya Moral Authority
Guest Biography

Don Tomás Calvo, the highest moral authority of the Maya, described as the Mayan Pope.

The head of the Order of the Mayan Lords and keeper of the Popol Vjuh or Mayan Book of Creation, Don Tomas Calvo led a delegation yesterday of Mayan elders to the United Nations, where they performed a special ceremony and addressed indigenous people and members of the U.N. Security Council from Guatemala in observance of U.N. Day.

Calvo told members of the United Nations: "I bring the knowledge of my ancestors to the Earth that holds the thoughts of all those who believe another world is possible...To you, representatives of the peoples who share our planet daily, I bring the voice of my people on my way towards the end of a period of time we call Oxlajuj B'aqtun and before the opening of a new era which we enter with joy and harmony." He emphasized that events are now accelerating at a rapid pace and that pace will continue to speed up. What previously took decades is now taking months and what used to take months is now taking days. The changes ahead are likely to happen fast and furious and yet present rare opportunities for human growth and the establishment of new priorities for the human race.