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The Divine Energy with Tom Paladino and guests

Scientist, Tom Paladino, has developed a scalar energy technology that has the capacity to send energy to clients all over the world that subtly influences their body's bio-field inducing repair while simultaneously devitalizing pathogens!  See the power of scalar energy yourself in this photo of Tom hold light bulbs over the scalar field that light up without being plugged in!

Join Tom as we explore the invisible world of energy and how it can change your life!

For a long time we've held space for an intention based reality.  A reality where we know there is abundance for all.

In case you missed this interview with James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors, we have added it to our BBS radio archives.  Alexandra talks about some of her spiritual missions throughout Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana.
She will share details about the closure of the congo portal, the opening of a new cosmic highway,and her encounters with the Tall White Beings, Ancient Ones, and the UltraDimensionals.

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