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Egyptologist, Lecturer, Teacher, Author, Air Force Vet, Archaeologist, Research Scientist, UFO Experiencer
Behavioral Therapist, Author, Educator, Television Host, Radio Host, Voice-Over Artist, Columnist, Speaker, Columnist, Dream Expert, Writer, Empowerment Facilitator, Humanitarian
Writer, Philosopher, Teacher, Esoteric Researcher, Lecturer, Teacher, Author
Nomadic Poet, Comic Book Writer, Editor, Author, Visonary Astrologer, Speaker
Ancient Mayan Researcher, Pioneer of Time Transformation, Natural Time Visionary, Educator, Speaker, Author
Independent Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Editor, Writer, Scholar, Teacher, Speaker, Myan Calendar Authority
Author, Whole Earth Festival Founder, Historian, Professor, Writer, Poet, Artist, Peace Activist, Scholar, Mayan Calendar Mathematician, Visionary, Speaker
Publisher, Editor, Graphic Designer, Author, Mythologist, Historian
Reiki Master, Hynotherapist, Aromatherapist, Tantric Energy Specialist, Sex Educator, Counselor, Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Author